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An Autos for Arc customer service representative will typically contact you with free vehicle towing, pickup and processing information by email no later than the next buiness day after receipt of the form (there is no need to call). Completiion of the online vehicle donation form does not consitutue Arc's acceptance of the vehicle.

In order to complete the following, you must have your original vehicle title and, if applicable, lien release.

If you would like to drop your vehicle off at an Arc's Value Village thrift store you do not need to submit this form.


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On the front of the title, if there is a financial institution listed, you will be required to have a lien release.
When our towing company picks up your vehicle, where would you like us to leave the receipt? (i.e. knock or ring, under door mat, between doors, mail to me) *
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Why donate?

Arc is the largest local grassroots, nonprofit organization providing advocacy and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Serving people since 1946, Arc is committed to helping people with disabilities and their families lead successful lives.

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